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Awakening Joy Series

Tired of going through life like it’s a burden? Wonder if a joyful life is possible or not? Wonder no more, join our Monday night mindfulness meditation circle at the Blue House Spiritual and Wellness Center.

Starting October 8, we will begin exploring joy in our lives. Is it possible, what is joy? how do I get past “all this” to get to joy? Using the book, Awakening Joy 10 steps that will put you on the road to real happiness by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander as a guide.

Daphne Larsen, a certified mindfulness meditation teacher will lead you in a supportive group exploration that is safe and supportive for you to make the shortest, yet hardest, journey any human will ever make, crossing the abyss between the head and the heart.

Cost – your commitment to show up and donation based

Bring a notebook or journal

Week 1 – Introduction and Intention – setting our inner compass

Week 2 – Mindfulness – being present for your life

Week 3 – Grateful Heart, Joyful Heart

Week 4 – Finding Joy in difficult time

Week 5 – The Bliss of blamelessness

Week 6 – The Joy of Letting Go

Week 7 – The Sweetness of Loving Ourselves

Week 8 – The Joy of Loving Others

Week 9 – Compassion, the natural expression of a joyful heart

Week 10 – The Joy of simply being

Week 11 – Celebration, reaping the benefits of our practice